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Sea of stars

   In the Distant Future Captain Justin Ulysses Tyler commands the S.S Redemption. Set adrift behind enemy lines after sustaining heavy damage, and with one of the most accomplished Marcian Commanders hot on his heels. Captain Tyler battles with the riggers of command, how can he ever salvage the situation with his crew and ship intact?



Life in the Sand Bowl is hard enough with cold blooded monsters and cold-hearted raiders. But life for a Contractor is harder than most filled with hunting those monsters and dealing with said raiders. Danny and Kurtis are no stranger to the violence. Hired to deal with a gang of raiders, Danny and Kurtis put it all on the line to protect their employers.


Alphonse: The dogtectivE

In a world populated by dogs and cats, one dog rises above them all. Alphonse is a private detective who, alongside his unhelpful sidekick Scooter, Is hired to solve a myriad of criminal cases. When a widow comes into his office screaming for help to find her husbands killer, Alphonse and Scooter find themselves involved in an unexpected case of revenge, distrust, and serial murder. Don’t miss one single issue of this Patchwork four-part mini-series containing action, mystery, humor… and pets.